Cooking is one of the most enjoyable activities that parents can do with their kids. Every child should experience the fun of creating healthy meals in the kitchen and it should not be a place reserved just for mom.

Healthy cooking with kids is beneficial to both parents and kids. Children can learn essential living skills such as how to cook and how to be organized. They can also apply the knowledge that they have learned in school; for example addition and subtraction in math. Moms can ask simple questions such as, “If we are serving one muffin per guest and we have five guests, how many muffins should we bake?” This type of question is fun for kids and they get to use math in a real world way. As the kids get older they can learn about ratio, weight, and even science in the kitchen.

When kids are given simple tasks like spreading jam on bread using a blunt knife, it lets them practice using their eyes and hand and helps improve their motor skills and coordination. By completing each task, the kids will gain more confidence and they will become independent because they know they can do anything if they put their mind to it.

Parents who practice healthy cooking with their kids are spending quality time with them while doing something fun. This is a great opportunity for parents to communicate and interact more with their children, thus strengthening the family relationship. Encourage the kids to ask questions during the cooking activity so they can understand better the process of cooking.

After the kids have completed their tasks; such as cutting vegetables or peeling potatoes, remember to compliment them for doing their jobs well. We adults love compliments and kids feel the same way too. This will definitely boost their confidence.

Children are more likely to eat what they have prepared or cooked. This is a chance for parents to introduce new food to their children who are picky eaters. If they do not like their greens, let them pick a salad recipe and prepare it. Give them options to add things like dried cranberries, mandarin oranges, small goldfish crackers, etc. Make fun, colorful desserts together such as berries with yogurt.

Your kids will be so proud of the food they’ve prepared so keep that in mind when you eat it, even if it looks a little “funny.” Parents can also encourage their children’s inner chef to prepare their own lunch box for school. Steer them in the direction of interesting ways to prepare healthy food when they’re young and they may learn to love their veggies. In other words, they can learn healthy eating habits through learning how to cook healthy food.

Parents cooking with their kids can be a weekly activity. By having our kids help us in the kitchen, they will learn some of the necessary skills to succeed in life and who knows, they may become the best chefs in the world.

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